Tiếng Anh 11 | Major Grammar Points in Units 5-8

Các điểm ngữ pháp quan trọng trong bốn bài 5, 6, 7 và 8 thuộc chương trình Tiếng Anh 11, hệ 7 năm.


    You want to do something as an objective.
    Nhóm động từ diễn tả ý muốn nhắm tới một nục tiêu

    hope / need / want / would like / promise / offer / agree / refuse / demand …
    Ex. They promise to be punctual, not to be late again.
    You want someone to do something.
    Khi muốn tác động ai đó làm gì

    advise / encourage / recommend / remind / ask / warn / invite / tell / persuade / urge …
    Ex. Local authorities urge young people to do community services, not just to care for themselves.

Tường thuật với danh động từ (V-ing)

    Top ten common verbs:
    advise / suggest / encourage / recommend / allow / permit / forbid / admit / deny / not mind
    Ex. The suspect admitted breaking into the bank, but he denied stealing anything.
    Top ten common verbs of this pattern
    think of / insist on / look forward to / appologise for / complain about / dream of /object to  / get used to …
    Ex. Lam insisted on taking Lan to the airport.
    Top ten common verbs of this pattern
    congratulate … on … / compliment … on … / thank … for … / warn … against … / accuse … of … / advise … against … / apologise to someone for …
    Ex. We congratulated Tom on getting a promotion.


    Câu ĐK loại 1 / Có thể xảy ra ở hiện tại hay tương lai
    Ex. It may rain tonight. If it rains, it will feel much cooler tomorrow.
    Câu ĐK loại 2 / Giả định hiện tại hoặc tương lai

    Ex. You and I are not on the same boat.
    If you were in my situation now, you would understand my feeling.
    Câu ĐK loại 3 / Giả định quá khứ

    Ex. What a pity you did not come with us last night.
    If you had been at the party, you would have enjoyed yourself very much.


  1. EVERY_ / SOME_ / ANY_ / NO_ + ONE / THING / WHERE
    Đại từ bất định chỉ người vật và nơi chốn chưa xác định hay chung chung

    > Grammatically, they are ‘singular’ and so take singular verbs.
    Theo ngữ pháp, loại đại từ này là số ít
    > Semantically, they mean ‘general’ and so take ‘they / them’ for a pronoun.
    Theo ngữ nghĩa, đại từ lượt sau thay thế cho đại từ bất định nên là They / Them
    Đại từ ONE / ONES thông dụng trong đàm thoại tránh lặp lại luộm thuộm nghe chán tai.

    Ex. Which coat is yours? >> The black one is mine.
    Ex. Which jeans so you prefer? >> I like the blue ones better.
    Dùng đại từ sở hữu để tránh lặp lại và nói tóm tắt ý sở hữu.

    Ex. Which shoes are yours? >> The black ones are mine.
    Ex. Is this seat mine? >> Yes, that one is yours.


Pick out the odd one out in sound

  1. a. drive                                    b. driving                         c. driver                           d. driven
  2. a. written                                 b. write                            c. writer                           d. writing
  3. a. danger                                 b. maximum                    c. activity                        d. annual
  4. a. chance                                 b. stimulate                      c. lazy                              d. participate
  5. a. nation                                   b. question                       c. completion                   d. competition

Sort out the one with a different stress pattern

  1. a. explain                                 b. announce                     c. spirit                             d. complete (v)
  2. a. stimulate                              b. introduce                     c. educate                        d. organize
  3. a. exciting                                b. interesting                    c. popular                         d. humorous
  4. a. difference                            b. performance                c. enjoyment                    d. achievement
  5. a. opportunities                        b. participation                c. representatives             d. nationality


  1. The annual rainfall in this area is over 2,000 millimeters.
    a. yearly                                   b. daily                            c. weekly                         d. monthly
  2. The competition is financed by the students’ parents society.
    a. educated                              b. trained                         c. founded                       d. sponsored
  3. The ________ of this contest is to encourage speaking English among students.
    a. way                                      b. opinion                        c. aim                               d. plan
  4. The national anthem is sung in front of the flag every morning to ________ the spirit of the nation.
    a. stimulate                              b. discourage                   c. persuade                      d. increase
  5. Each group must complete five activities in all.
    a. at all                                     b. together                       c. altogether                     d. gathering
  6. The police are coming. You should explain the situation _______ them.
    a. with                                     b. for                                c. on                                 d. to
  7. The judges will __________ and score your performance.
    a. laugh                                    b. observe                        c. announce                     d. criticize
  8. The winning team will be ___________ a money prize of US$5,000
    a. awarded                               b. presented                     c. provided                      d. supplied
  9. One of the members had difficulty  __________ the last sentence of the poem.
    a. explaining                            b. lecturing                      c. reciting                         d. speaking
  10. Who will ___________ the result of the contest?
    a. say                                       b. describe                       c. claim                            d. announce
  11. Everything has been running without incidents or problems from the very beginning.
    a. smoothly                              b. fluently                        c. easily                            d. softly
  12. The maximum _________ for each activity is 20 ________
    a. point / scores                        b. result / scores               c. score / points                d. judge / points
  13. They were very _________ when they knew they had lost the match.
    a. pleased                                 b. disappointed                c. satisfied                       d. excited
  14. I must apologize _________ all of you _______ not being able to win the final match .
    a. to / for                                  b. for / to                         c. with / on                      d. to / about
  15. They gave me a _________ of CDs to have more practice and improve my listening skills.
    a. player                                   b. unit                              c. set                                d. group


  1. Dear sir / madam / I / brochure / like / participate / English speaking competition
  2. However / need / get more information / contest before / decide / sign up for the contest
  3. Please send / more details / contest / such / entry procedures / venue / date / time
  4. Also want / know more / activities / awards
  5. I / like / hear about / important details / sincerely / Ngoc Lan
  6. Dear Ngoc Lan / we / glad / you / interested / English Speaking Competition
  7. Below / important details / contest / you want / know
  8. Candidates / an interview in English before / take part / contest
  9. There / 20 participants / make a speech / answer questions / judges
  10. Event / held / 102 Le Thanh Tong St. / Ba Dinh District / Hanoi / 24 November
  11. Participants / advised / well-dressed / look cheerful / confident
  12. Arrive at the venue / 7 p.m. / prepared / contest / start / 8 p.m.
  13. Winner / awarded / ten-day packaged vacation / USA
  14. Hope / able / join / contest
  15. More information / contact us / 04 3890777 / usembassyvn@hotmail.com


  1. “ You must let me drive you to the airport, Jane,” John said.
    John insisted …
  2. “ I can’t wait to go back home to see my family,” Jane said.
    Jane looked forward …
  3. “ My biggest wish is to have a good job, a nice house and a happy family,” Susanne said.
    Susanne dreams …
  4. “ I am sorry I didn’t remember your birthday, Trang,” Hung said.
    Hung apologized to Trang …
  5. “ Perhaps I’ll move to the outskirts,” Mr. Tran said.
    Mr. Tran is thinking ….
  6. “ It was very kind of you to invite me to the party, Xuan,” Linda said.
    Linda thanked Xuan …
  7. “ If I were you, I wouldn’t stay out late at night,” Xuan said to Trang.
    Xuan warned Trang …
  8. “ I won’t let you go out with Peter, Trang. I don’t like him,” Trang’s mother said.
    Trang’s mother prevented her …
  9. “ What a lovely dress you are wearing, Trang!” Hoa said.
    Hoa complimented Trang …
  10. “You’ve won the scholarship, Lan. Congratulations!” Nam said.
    Nam congratulated Lan …


Individuals / against / professional / rules / compete / make / paid / unorganized / schedules /athletes

A sport is a physical activity that people do for fun and as a way to (51) with others. People have enjoyed sports for thousands of years. Every sport has a set of (52) that the players follow.


In some sports one person competes against other (53). Examples of these sports include boxing, wrestling, gymnastics, figure skating, diving, pole vaulting, long jumping, and horseback riding.

In team sports a group of people plays (54) another group, or team. A team may have as few as two members, or it may have many members. A doubles team in tennis has two players. Five players make up a basketball team. An ice hockey team has six players, and a baseball team has nine. Eleven players (55) up a football, soccer, or cricket team.

Sports can be amateur or (56). Amateur athletes do not get (57) for participating in a sport. Professional athletes play for money.

Sports also can be organized or (58). Children who get together for neighborhood football games are playing unorganized sports. No organization controls their games. In organized sports (59) play for a school, a business, a club, a community, or some other organization. The organization (60) games and enforces the rules of the sport. Organized sports can be amateur or professional.


(average / decrease / something / overpopulated / overpopulation / done / of / faster / available / over)

  1. The world is becoming _______________ . We must do ______________ about this soon.
  2. What should be _____________ to deal with ________________ ?
  3. The world population is increasing faster and _____________. Safe birth control methods must be made ____________ to women all _____________ the world.
  4. Population in Asia should ____________ in the next decade instead __________ increasing.
  5. The __________ Third World woman has more children than she wants.

(limited / to / planning / shown / resources / What / support / size / improve )

  1. The purpose of family ___________ is to limit the __________ of the family and to __________ standards of living.
  2. Research has ___________ that most women do not want to have more than three children.
  3. _____________’s the population of Vietnam? >> It’s over 80 million now ( in 2009)
  4. Does the earth have enough ____________ to ____________ this big population?
  5. Our resources are _______________. There is also a limit ___________ the water and land.

(reached / figure / under-populated / distribution / unevenly / to / of / Domini / Christ )

  1. AD. stands for  Anno _____________, which means “In the years of our Lord.”
  2. BC. is  short for Before ______________. That is the years before Jesus Christ was born.
  3. Do you believe it? The world population has _____________ the ___________ of 8 billion.
  4. Population is distributed ______________ around the world. For example, Oceania is ____________ while Asia is over-populated. Population ____________ is no doubt one of the biggest problems. We must find a possible solution ____________ this problem soon.
  5. Many women in the poor countries know ____________ safe ways to control birth and limit the size of their family. How can they be helped? We are awaiting the answer ________ this question too.

(shortage / awareness / raise / policies / conditions / standards / among / means / insurance)

  1. Having a lot of children is a form of ___________ or a source of worries? You surely know the answer.
  2. Governments have to implement population ___________ and raise public ____________ about family planning and their global responsibility.
  3. Vietnam is ___________ the most populated countries where living __________ and working _______ must be improved.
  4. Where there exists overpopulation, there is a total lack of natural resources and ______ of health care.
  5. However, it cannot be denied that having children ___________ happiness and blessing.


  1. If the weather is nice this weekend, we (go) ___________________ on an excursion to the island.
  2. If we had better healthcare, more children (grow) ____________ to be healthy and intelligent adults.
  3. If you had driven more carefully, we (not have) ___________________ a crash.
  4. What will you do if you (fail) __________________ the final examinations?
  5. What would you do if you (have) _______________ a wish?
  6. What would you have done if nobody (come) ____________________ your party last night?
  7. It’s a pity that Jane isn’t here. If only / I wish she (be) _____________ here now.
  8. It’s a shame that I didn’t bring my camera on the trip. I wish / If only I (bring) ________________ it.
  9. Unless you (work) ________________ harder from now on, you (not pass) _________________ the GCSE final exams.
  10. If you (be) _______________ at the dance last Friday, you (enjoy) _________________ yourself.
  11. If I (not live) ___________ far away from home now, I (visit) _______________ my parents more often.
  12. If we don’t run, we’ll be late for the first class.
    = We _________________________ unless __________________.
  13. You feel tired all the time because you don’t take enough exercise.
    = If you took more exercise, _______________________ much better.
  14. They had so many children and so they were poor.
    = They wouldn’t _____________________ if they hadn’t ___________________ children.


  1. This pie chart / feature / distribution / world population by region / 2004
  2. It / see / that / population / not distributed evenly / the world
  3. According / chart / South Asia / rank first / population / account for 32%
  4. In / second position / East Asia / amount to 26%
  5. Europe / come third / constitute 15% / world population
  6. In / 4th position / Africa which / represent 11%
  7. Latin America / fifth with 8% / Northern America / come next / 6%
  8. At the bottom / chart / Oceania / only 2%
  9. Conclusion / although / nearly the same area / the different regions / big differences / population
  10. Something / done so that / some regions / Asia / not so overpopulated


  1. ____________ are the causes of population explosion? >> Better healthcare, traditions and religions
    a. How do you feel                 b. What do you think      c. Which for you             d. Can you explain
  2. What are _____________ poor and overpopulated countries in the future?
    a. the problems facing             b. problems to face          c. the problems face        d. the problems about
  3. ______________  people will live in poor living conditions.
    a. There are                              b. There will be                c. A certain thing             d. It is certain that
  4. ______________ about overpopulation?
    a. What we should do             b. What do we do           c. What will we do          d. What should be done
  5. ______________ people awareness of the problems of overpopulation.
    a. We should raise                   b. We have to teach         c. We ought to give         d. We must learn
  6. _____________ it’s necessary to carry out family planning programs.
    a. Further                                 b. Besides                        c. Beside                          d. In addition to

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