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Common Errors in English

1. Subject-Verb Agreement:
Sự hòa hợp giữa chủ ngữ và động từ:

Question 1: Richard enjoy taking part in social activities during his summer holiday.
Question 2: My house look more beautiful in Spring when the front garden is full of flowers.
Question 3: My mother always give me a big hug before I go to school in the morning. Question 4: It always take parents a lot of time and patience to bring up their children.




Ex. Our garden looks gorgeous in Spring.


Ex. All the villagers here are immigrants.



Ex. All the equipment in this lab is outdated


Watch out for the following singular subjects that may fail you:
> Gerund as the subject, Danh động từ là chủ từ số ít
Ex. Reading newspapers and magazines
online has become part of my free time activity.

> With a relative pronoun subject, khi đại từ quan hệ là chủ ngữ số ít hay nhiều.
Ex. The girl who sits next to me in Chemistry 101 comes from Japan.

> Noun clause as the subject, Mệnh đề danh từ là chủ ngữ số ít, bắt đầu bằng các question words như Whether or not, what, who, where, when, how, why, the fact that …
Ex. Whether or not
there are intelligent beings other than humans
remains an unanswered question.
Ex. The fact that
Man tends to destroy nature is really worrying, but seems to be ignored.

2. Parallelism
Luật song hành tương xứng: Khi một loạt từ được kết nối liệt kê bằng các liên kết đồng đằng như AND, BUT, OR, BOTH … AND, EITHER … OR, NEITHER … NOR … , các từ ấy phải đồng loại: noun and noun, verb and verb, V-ing and V-ing, PP and PP and so on.

Question 5: John’s classmates like him since he is friendly, honest, and kindness.
Question 6: In some areas, solar energy is used to light, heat, and cooling houses and  buildings.
Question 7: Reading books, listening to music, and play sport are among the most popular  leisure activities.
Question 8: The company is looking for a candidate who is honest, hard-working, and responsibility.


3. Word parts
Từ loại phải chỉnh hợp theo nguyên tắc chung:
Linking verb + adj:

Ex. The food looks good, and it smells delicious.
Adj + noun:
Ex. He has made remarkable progress.
Action verb + adv:
Ex. The team’s morality has improved remarkably.
 Adv + adj:
Ex. It’s extremely hot by day, but terribly cold by night.
 Adv + pp:
Ex. Thousands of houses were badly damaged during the hurricane.
Adv + Whole sentence:
Ex. Traditionally, in Vietnam young people are expected to respect their elders and take their advice..

Question 9: The team’s spirits were really low after the first loss, but their morality was improved remarked by the next three consecutive victories.


4. Words similar in some confusing way.
Có những cặp từ dễ lẫn lộn vì gần giống nhau về chính tả spelling hay ngữ nghĩa meaning.

Question 10: Public speaking is quite a frightening experience for many people as it can produce a status of mind similar to panic.      
Question 11: One necessary preventive measure to be taken is that the public should be on the outlook for symptoms of the disease.
Question 12: Protective gear for firefighters is supposed to be made of inflammable materials so as to eliminate the risk of fire.       

STATE OF MIND: Tâm trạng, tâm thế
Social status, Marital status: địa vị xã hội, tình trạng hôn nhân
ON THE LOOKOUT FOR STH: canh chừng, cảnh giác việc gì có thể xảy ra
A positive / optimistic outlook on life, view of life: quan niệm, góc nhìn về cuộc đời
NONFLAMMABLE: không bắt cháy
Inflammable, highly flammable, easily catching fire: dễ cháy, dễ bắt lửa

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