Test 1 for Highschool Students


A test on reading and vocabulary in context for Grades 10-12

Read the article about Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, and complete the gaps with adjectives or noun phrases that describe city life. The given definitions may help you in taking your option.

Hanoi, located on the banks of the Red River, is one of the most ancient capitals in the world, where travellers can find    ( 1 )    colonial buildings, ancient pagodas, and unique museums within the city centre. A great place to explore on foot, this French-colonial city is also known for its delectable cuisine, vibrant nightlife, silks and handicrafts, as well as a    ( 2 )    community.

Meanwhile, its tranquil countryside is a short drive away, featuring lush parks, verdant mountains, and traditional villages, and not forgetting, the    ( 3 )    Ha Long Bay. If you’re a first-time visitor to the Vietnamese capital, our Hanoi travel guide has everything you need to know for a    ( 4 )   , including the best accommodation, restaurants, attractions, shopping, and detailed information on the local culture, currency, climate, and  transport options.

Planning your first time in Hanoi can be challenging. The capital of Vietnam is known for its two main neighbourhoods, namely the French Quarter and Old Quarter. Both are packed with attractions and are   ( 5 )    on foot. You can explore shopping streets, French-style buildings, pagodas of millennia and ethnic museums. It’s a lot to take in, but we have narrowed down the choice to just the    ( 6 )   .

Hanoi is also home to a multi-cultural community representing Chinese, French and Russian influences, with a wide range of restaurants to match. The nightlife ranges from modern nightclubs and    ( 7 )    to night markets and    ( 8 )    traditional shows. With our quick Hanoi survival guide, you can navigate through your first few days in this unique city, getting the most out of your time.

E.g. 1. E

A. easily accessible (adj): referring to a place you can reach and get into easily

B. absolute must-see highlights: places of sightseeing interest

C. expat-owned bars (n phr): bars belonging to expatriates or foreigners

D. family-friendly (adj): good for spending time with your family

E. well-preserved (adj): old but still in good condition

F. multi-cultural (adj): involving different cultures

G. iconic (adj): relating to an admirable famous image

H. fulfilling holiday (n phr): holiday that will give you satisfaction


A test on reading and vocabulary in context for Grades 10-12

Read the following news article about Switzerland and complete the gaps with the words or phrases given in the box. The definitions provided may help you in taking your option.

It snows chocolate in Swiss Town

Switzerland is      ( 1 )     the world over for the quality of its chocolate. The nation has earned an international reputation for its     ( 2 )     chocolate brands. However, residents in the Swiss town of Olten, near Zurich, got the surprise of their lives earlier this week when it started snowing chocolate. Some locals wondered if the brown dusting was a     ( 3 )     consequence of climate change. However, all became clear after the local chocolate manufacturer revealed the brown shower was the result of a     ( 4 )     at its factory. The chocolate maker Lindt confirmed that a minor defect in its cooling ventilation systems allowed gusty winds to     ( 5 )     chocolate dust and sprinkle it over the town.

Many parts of the town were covered in a     ( 6 )     of light brown, milk-chocolate-flavoured dust. A representative from Lindt offered to pay for any cleaning services required as a result of the event.    ( 7 )    , no one has asked for help. The spokeswoman reassured people in the     ( 8 )     of the factory that crushed cocoa beans are harmless to human health and the environment. She added that factory engineers are currently working on repairing the     ( 9 )    . The cocoa-dust incident led to a lot of     ( 10 )     on social media. A Twitter user wrote: “Chocolate snowflakes falling from the sky, dreams do come true.” Another tweeter posted a comment saying: “I'm dreaming of a brown Christmas.”

E.g. 1. C

A. technical hitch (n): a small problem that makes sth difficult or delays it for a while

B. banter (n): playful and friendly teasing remarks and comments

C. renowned (adj): known or talked about by many people; famous

D. premium (adj): relating to a product of superior quality and therefore a higher price

E. fine layer (n): a thin material covering a surface

F. To date (adv): so far, up to now

G. vicinity (n): the area near or surrounding a particular place

H. bizarre (adj): very strange or unusual, especially so as to cause interest or amusement

I. malfunction (n): a failure or fault in the way a machine or system operates

K. whip up (v): to move or remove sth with a quick sudden movement


LISTENING TEST FOR GRADE 12. (From Mindset Foundation 02)

A. Before you listen: Read some information about a website offering student exchange programmes. Decide if the sentences are true T or false F.


Spend a term or a whole year in another country

Stay with a host family and go to a local college. Learn all about the culture, and maybe learn a new language. Make new friends and have a great time. You need to pay for flights and take some pocket money, but that's all. Host families are not paid. All they ask is that you help with jobs around the house and join in with family activities.

Go to student_exchange.com and explore our website to learn more!

1. All students spend at least a year abroad.  T / F

2. Host families give students pocket money during their stay. T / F

3. Students should do housework and be involved with family activities. T / F

B. While you listen: First listening / Listening for gist

You are going to listen to two friends, Carlos and Jack, talking about a student exchange trip. Listen and decide which countries Carlos and Jack come from.

1. Jack comes from …………………….

2. Carlos’s from …………………….

C. While you listen: Second listening / Listening for specific details

Listen again. What activity does each member of Jack's family like doing?

For questions 1-5, write a letter A-H next to each person.

Mini Tip: Jack says he likes volleyball and basketball, so the answer to this question is 'team sports'. Notice that the answer does not always contain the words you hear, but the meaning is the same.

Mini Tip: Be careful! You hear something about the gym, but it isn't the correct answer here.

Mini Tip: Pay attention for words with similar meanings. What's a similar word to 'fixing'?


0. Jack ~ ___ H ___

1. Jack’s brother ______

2. Jack’s sister ______

3. Jack’s Mum ______

4. Jack’s Dad  ______           

5. Jack’s grandmother ______


A. cooking

B. going to the gym

C. taking care of the garden

D. doing arts

E. repairing things

F. reading books

G. shopping

H. playing team sports

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